Fire & Ice

VIP Immersive Experience

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£249 for one, £149 pp for 2, £99 pp for a group of 3 to 5

VIP Fire and Ice Experience 

How would you like an exclusive day just for you, in an incredible setting shifting your negative thoughts about you and your body, whilst feeling the relaxing, exhilarating and liberating thrill of sauna and cold water immersion?  

A VIP approach to self-care, body acceptance and pampering in a unique immersive experience.  Helping you uncover mind-blowing revelations to feel great about your body and who you are.  


  • Exclusive and unique VIP experience

  • Transformative coaching on self worth, body acceptance and self kindness

  • Exclusive hire of beach front sauna, including treatment

  • Private plunge pool

  • Wild sea swimming experience (conditions allowing and must be a competent swimmer)

  • Wholesome drinks and snacks included

  • A special gift to remember your day

Choose a date below or contact
me to book a bespoke session: 

Friday 10th December, 12.30-3.30pm
Saturday 18th December, 8.30-11.30am
Tuesday 28th December, 2.30-5.30pm

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I didn’t quite know what to expect from my Fire & Ice Experience with Claudine, except perhaps that it might be exceptionally cold to be swimming in the sea in late October! I honestly wasn’t expecting any mind-blowing revelations as I’ve done a lot of work on my body connection already, but had decided to go in with an open mind. Well, Claudine is an extremely insightful coach, gently prodding me to some revelations that were actually mind-blowing to me after all. I can genuinely say that with all the work I’ve done before, I did not realise there were still such depths to go to, and would recommend Claudine and her approach to anyone with a history of not quite getting on with their body. And the open-sea swimming?! I don’t think I have ever felt that kind of liberation and happiness before. It was as though something deep inside just uncoiled and unravelled and I felt truly free. It won’t be tomorrow, but I am definitely going to become a sea swimmer one day soon. Thank you so much Claudine.

Emily Jacob, Hove

Claudine gave us such a fabulous experience.  A really lovely afternoon connecting with friends, our senses and our bodies.  And why we feel the way we do. Claudine got me to think about my body in a different way, which I think might be the beginning of a new relationship.


Really good session and well thought through.  Gave us lots of food for thought about body perception and whose opinion is really important.  Additionally, the seafront location is great.  Would absolutely recommend.    


Really helped me sort out what my views are rather than the imposed perception of the outside world.  I may not be 100% embracing my body completely...yet, but I am feeling I care a lot less about image and size and more about comfort and confidence.  I'd highly recommend Fire & Ice.  

Rachel and friends celebrating a 40th birthday

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The fire and ice experience was amazing.  It was an opportunity to relax, restore and reflect on my current beliefs about my body.  The sauna was incredible and the sea dip was exhilarating.  Having an opportunity to discuss body image with a group of like-minded beautiful women was super nova.  Thank you Claudine 

Victoria, Sussex

I am thrilled to announce this new unique coaching experience.
My coaching experience packages have been created with all women in mind.  

My mission is to create a world when women no longer hold themselves back from life because of how they look - or how they think they look. 

I want women to accept their bodies and themselves so that you can:

  ~ feel free to be friends with the mirror ~

 ~ wear whatever the hell you want ~

~ join in with activities instead of watching from the sidelines ~

 ~ flourish in your career ~

~ feel more than enough in your relationships: intimate and otherwise ~

~ have a great relationship with your body, and therefore with yourself ~

I also want this for the next generation, my own children included: to be free from body shame and self-hatred which leads so many to the misery of disordered eating and low self-esteem. 


When I work with women, the ripple effect is profound. 

When I work directly with young women, the impact is immense. 

the gift of self worth and body acceptance is priceless

change your mind, not your body, because you are good enough exactly as you are

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The packages I offer have been created with love from years of experience in working to empower people to find the resources and solutions within themselves with a  transformative and life changing impact.  You can read more about me and my approach in the About Me page, but in a nutshell, I am qualified as a life coach, hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, More Than Enough Method (TM) facilitator, Blue Health Coach and Professional Certified Trainer.  

"Long lasting profound deep healing"


I bring all of these modalities into my work and combine them with mindfulness, self compassion and my love of the sea and natural water. 

The result?  Profound deep healing change work, self worth and body acceptance which lasts a lifetime. 

"a lovely chat" 


My approach has been described as gently probing, empowering and nurturing.  Clients are often surprised that they get such profound revelations during a session - and the best compliment I have had at the end of a session was when one wonderful soul I coached said "we've not done much coaching today have we, we've just had a lovely chat".  I smiled and asked her what she now thought of the problem we'd discussed at the start of the session.  She couldn't believe the shift she'd experienced, without even noticing! 


That's the magic of what I bring to my work.   

 "I no longer view my body as the enemy, or something holding me back, and through my sessions I've been able to understand why I sometimes felt like that in the first place, and reframe my thinking." 

Sophie, East Sussex

 "I know now that there is nothing wrong with me and my body as it is and that I don’t need to look another way. I have spent 15 years judging my body, dieting and feeling like my body isn’t good enough despite all the things that I has achieved in that time. I will not continue to shame myself any more, there is enough of that false storytelling in the media and I won’t do it to myself any more. Claudine helped me to see these things and it feels incredibly liberating." 

Catherine, W Sussex

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