Body Kind Mind Code - group online coaching programme

Make peace with your body, by changing your mindset, not your appearance. 

Do you feel like: 

You feel rubbish when you look in the mirror

You always compare how you look with others

You hate weighing yourself but can't stop

You have a love /hate relationship with food

You don't wear the clothes you wish you could

You hate certain parts of your body

You're clothes never feel right

You've tried all the diets (including the ones that claim they aren't diets)

You don't do stuff you want to do because of how (you think) you look

You're never in the pictures

You just wish you could look different

This 10 week transformative online programme will take you from feeling at war or just "meh" with your body, to appreciating it for what it does, treating it with respect and embracing your worth.  

Women who undertake the 10 week Body Kind Mind Code are taken through the PEACE activation method, enabling them to take the blinkers off and open their eyes to diet culture, "fitspo" and the beauty tricks, and develop a lasting positive sense of their body and themselves.  

I use NLP, coaching techniques, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, the power of blue space (water), and the energy of a group programme, to facilitate this life-changing shift in my clients. 

The programme runs over 10 weeks, online, with one pre-recorded masterclass for each module, one group coaching Zoom call per week, and worksheets and challenges to go deeper into the learning.  We also have a private facebook group[s to share our struggles, our wins and so give and get support.


You will leave the programme feeling liberated, empowered and enlightened, and able to do the things you held yourself back from.    

Feedback from previous clients:

There were many light bulb moments that came from looking at things from a different perspective which have helped me to challenge some of negative thoughts and to reduce some of the negative behaviours I can manifest towards my own body image.  Karen, Herts

The course has had a profound effect on me. My confidence has rocketed. There’s plenty of other stuff in my life to take up my time and energy, and my appearance is simply not a worry of mine any more.  Denise, East Sussex

I am SO glad I went for it, the shift in thinking is quite profound.


I no longer view my body as the enemy, or something holding me back, and through my sessions I've been able to understand why I sometimes felt like that in the first place, and reframe my thinking.   Sophie, Sussex


Using the PEACE activation method.png

The 5 modules of the PEACE activation programme are:

P = Pursue a new perspective - take the blinkers off and start seeing the toxic messages and images around you

E = Embrace your body - learn to see it for what it does and is, rather than what is doesn't do and isn't.  Show it acceptance and gratitude. 

A = Apply blue mind - explore the benefits of natural blue spaces of water and how they can enhance our physical and mental well-being, and improve our body image

C = Cultivate a New Culture, learn new ways of thinking and habits that will be embedded in the subconscious to make lasting change to your behaviours and how you feel about yourself 

E = Expand your horizons - take your new found self worth and confidence in your body and allow the ripple effect to trickle into every area of your life.  Also enabling us to pass on a positive body image to those around us and the next generation.  

Investment for 5 masterclasses, 10 coaching calls, worksheets, challenges, meditation tracks and facebook group)


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