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Take some time for you this summer

The end of term is calling….

Schools are almost out for the kids for summer but the pressure is on for mums to be ALL the things to ALL the people.

Chief entertainer, snack giver, screen time monitor, taxi service, play date organiser, diary date scheduler, sibling referee, travel agent, packing manager, and bringer of ALL the joy! Oh and what about work?

And if for those without kiddies, the social demands, colleague work cover and all that holiday packing & planning…

So what about you and your needs??

Or perhaps this is your go slow season and the longer, lighter, brighter days energise you and give you opportunities to spend time on yourself that you wouldn't have normally have available.

How do you look after yourself during this demanding season?

Maybe you need a special space just about YOU and your emotional wellbeing this Summer?


Can you imagine….

 Not feeling depleted after a crazy busy season?

 Enjoying the summer without worrying about your body: how it looks, how it feels? 

 Feeling super ready for those new year vibes in Sept?

 Making new friends and connections from the comfort of your home?

 Getting to know yourself better this summer with the support of self-development experts?

 Being ready to dive into a personal growth journey at the end of 8 weeks if you want to go deeper?

Let us - Naomi Newland and me, Claudine Nightingill-Rane, personally invite you to come and join our light touch, high impact MORE THAN ENOUGH™ Summer School!

A simple way to help you stress less and enjoy lightness, joy & emotional freedom in the Summer of 22!

So what is it all about?

The all-new MORE THAN ENOUGH™ Summer School is an 8-week self-discovery programme with no expectations of you at all.

A safe, nourishing active Facebook group community designed to boost your enough-ness over July & August.

Do as much or as little as you desire - no expectations, no way to fall behind, we want to make this easy as possible for you to put yourself to the top of the “to do” list in manageable summertime snippets

  • Every Fortnight a new topic is introduced and released for two weeks as a focus point

  • Each topic includes a masterclass, a subconscious mind transforming Hypno-change MP3 and worksheets

  • PLUS a set of 6 enoughness-boosting tasks to complete every fortnight

    • journal prompts to get you thinking deeper & self-reflecting,

    • mini challenges to gently stretch your comfort zone,

    • self-care actions to nourish your mind, body and soul

    • recommended additional resources to keep your energy fresh

    • conversation starters to share your experiences

    • weekly Oracle Card call to tap into your intuition.

  • Two monthly virtual full moon circles - On Zoom

  • Two monthly new moon ceremony instructions

  • An Active Facebook group managed by Naomi & Claudine for connections, support and enoughness encouragement - Your Summertime Sisterhood.

  • All sprinkled with high vibes and MORE THAN ENOUGH™ transformational magic!

We start Wednesday, July 6th through to Wednesday 31st August 2022

Investment just £111 for all of this!! 

Topic one - Radical Self Acceptance and Body Kindness

Topic two - Grow In Trust

Topic three - Reclaiming Your Identity

Topic four - Leading Life With Joy

Give yourself the gift of summertime emotional support and enoughness encouragement

BOOK TODAY ready to start on Weds 6th July

What if you could feel good enough exactly as you are this summer?