You don't have to change your body to be
"summer body ready",
you need to change your mind. 
The gift of self worth and body acceptance is pr
This programme will change your mind without changing your body to feel healthy and happy in the skin you are in, because you are good enough exactly as you are

A new turbo-boosted version of the Body Kind Mind Code to get you ready for summer!

A proven transformational online group coaching programme which empowers you to be happy an healthy in the body you have

This programme is not for you if you are happy dieting or trying to lose weight or change your body. 

Or if you want to buy-in to the "get beach body ready" message and be told how you should look

I believe you are beach body ready:- you have a body, take it to the beach!


Are you fed up of being fed up with your body?

Are you worrying about getting in a swimsuit this summer, or wearing the summer dress or shorts? Are you sick of just wishing it could be different?  Do you ever feel like you're the only one who feels the way you do?  Do you imagine people are judging you, thinking the worst, and can mind read all your negative self talk? 

Are you ready to change all that?

Seascape Blue's signature programme enables you to find a sisterhood of women who feel the way you do - having a bad relationship with their bodies and wanting something different.

We come with our unique worries and stories but ones that resonate so strongly with each other.  We have all been there, including your coach and guide, Claudine.    

​This condensed and powerful summer edition of the transformational course supports you in a safe and non-judgemental space while you follow the unique PEACE activation model: 5 modules of mindset shift to flip your critical subconscious beliefs and change your relationship with your body. 

You will end the programme ready for summer, having experienced profound change, feeling empowered to wear what you want, do the things you missed out on - eating, swimming, dancing, intimacy! And enjoy the food you love with zero guilt!

Women on the programme have found that their newfound confidence spills into every area of their lives.  They have changed careers, met new love interests, taken up swimming, roller-skating, re-discovered their wardrobe, rediscovered their joy, their partner, their lust for life. 

And passed their new beliefs and self worth on to their children and other loved ones.  

Say yes to you (for once!)

 I know it can be scary investing in our own wellbeing, personal development, happiness;

but it's time and you deserve it.  Do it for your family, do it for the next generation, but most of all do it for you.  

The powerful programme includes:

  • 6 weeks of online group coaching 

  • 6 pre-recorded masterclasses

  • 6 coaching calls

  • Hypnotherapy tracks to support the subconscious healing change work

  • Worksheets each week for reflection and embedding the learning

  • Journaling prompts to help you go deeper for more long-lasting change

  • and new beliefs you can pass on to your daughters, nieces, sisters, mums, and anyone who would benefit from more self acceptance and body confidence

  • Exclusive bonus for joining now by paying in full or with a deposit: one-to-one intention setting call with Claudine 

Early bird price until 19th May - don't miss out!

Using the PEACE activation method_edited.jpg

Summer Edition

So, what do you cover in the Body Kind Mind Code? 

It is built on my unique PEACE activation method, which enables you to make PEACE with your body.

The short videos below cover each of the 5 pillars and explain what we cover in that section of the programme.  

Mel, West Sussex

      "I am beginning to accept me as

I am, wobbly bits and all! I am more aware of the pressures and influences we are subjected to, and of how miraculous each little bit of my body is and how it steadfastly serves me every second of every day.

I am so happy, amazed and grateful for       what it has done during my 46years"

"The course has had a profound effect

on me. My confidence has rocketed. There’s plenty of other stuff in my life to take up my time and energy, and my appearance is simply not a worry of mine any more".                 Denise, Sussex


Full price from 20th May £675

Early Bird Investment £525 

Payment plans available

pay deposit of £129  plus 4 further payments of £99

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This package has been created with love from years of experience in working to empower people to find the resources and solutions within themselves with a  transformative and life changing impact. 


You can read more about me and my approach in the About Me page, but in a nutshell, I am qualified as a life coach, hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, More Than Enough (Women's Empowerment) Method (TM) facilitator, Blue Health Coach and Professional Certified Trainer.  

"Long lasting profound deep healing"

I bring all of these modalities into my work and combine them with mindfulness, self compassion and my love of the sea and natural water. 

The result?  Profound deep healing change work, self worth and body acceptance which lasts a lifetime. 

"a lovely chat" 

My approach has been described as gently probing, empowering and nurturing.  Clients are often surprised that they get such profound revelations during a session - and the best compliment I have had at the end of a session was when one wonderful soul I coached said "we've not done much coaching today have we?  We've just had a lovely chat".  I smiled and asked her what she now thought of the problem we'd discussed at the start of the session.  She couldn't believe the shift she'd experienced, without even noticing! 

That's the magic I bring to my work   


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Friends at the Beach