As a body image and blue health coach, I’m passionate about helping others and guiding them into a new phase of their lives. I work hard on developing a personal, open and transparent relationship with my clients, and what they say about my services is incredibly important to me.

I am proud to use my experience, compassion and training to create lasting life-changing mindset and behaviour shifts in my clients.  

Read the testimonials below to get an idea of the experiences that past clients have had with my services, and the impact this work can have, and get in touch with me today.

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Working with Claudine was a lovely opportunity to meet other people and share the experience we have with body image in our daily lives and what our children are exposed to. Being able to explore ideas and challenge the way we think about our bodies, and especially learning to be kinder to ourselves, was a real positive for me. Claudine is an inspirational person to listen to and learn from, she is kind, empathetic and gently challenging - she also helped me to overcome my fear and embrace cold water swimming in the sea, something I have done many times since, and will continue to do, and I always feel amazing all day after a swim and it makes me appreciate what my body is capable of. I often try to encourage my friends to think differently about their bodies and I hope they will come along to the workshops one day as it has changed the way I think and feel and I’d like that to be the case for anyone that needs to hear it. Big thank you from me. Xx

Elaine, Hove

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I attended a body image and sea swim workshop with Claudine a while back and I have to say, it has had such a positive and lasting  effect on how I view my body and my right to take up space in the world. The sessions helped me to take positive steps in reducing media and societal pressure on my body and it’s helped me to change my internal dialogue to a much kinder voice  I used to view exercise as a way to earn food and the sessions have  helped me change that – I now view it as a way to feel good and finding something I look forward to is the key to feeling good in that exercise. The sea swim attached to the workshop was instrumental in helping realise that exercise could be fun and enjoyable and actually make me feel good.. The group  gave me the confidence to jump in with Claudine- she was inspirational. The whole experience has made me braver and has helped me let go of so much guilt around food and my body- this is life changing stuff. Thank you Claudine.

Hayley, Hove

Praise for one-to-one transformational coaching

Claudine helped me to feel "normal" and not alone
She has a lovely, gentle and relaxed style that put me at ease. I really enjoyed the
grounding exercise which Claudine uses at the start of each session. It helped me to relax and focus. She is so easy to talk to, which helped bring to the surface memories of events and conversations that built a negative body image and which I have continued to carry with me for many years, in a managed, controlled and safe way. I always felt that I was in control as to how deep I went with this. Claudine helped me feel safe, gently asking pertinent
questions to help me sort through thoughts and feelings without feeling silly or exposed.
I am usually nervous of putting myself in such a situation, bringing difficult memories to the
surface, concerned as to whether they will be painful, but Claudine's style allowed this process to take place easily and comfortably.
I have gained an awareness of my thoughts and feelings, an understanding of why I have
them and a forgiveness of myself for having them. It has been a real eye-opening
introduction to the subject of body image, an area i will continue to work on. My mindset is
shifting but still needs some work. I'm looking forward to the peace, love and acceptance which I know will come.

I no longer feel guilty when not doing exercise classes regularly. I am much more relaxed in accepting that I move as and when I can and finding enjoyment in the activities I choose to do. Seeing it more as a guilt free choice.

Mel, Sussex


Claudine’s sessions are gentle, using the energy of the sea and being in nature. I felt like Claudine holds a really compassionate and heart-centred space, while also being skilled at using logic and reasoning to deconstruct negative thought patterns.


Claudine took me through some meditations to help support the session. We also did some exercises which helped me to take a deeper look at some of my thought patterns and the way I treat myself. I found these practical exercises were really useful.


Claudine has a deep knowledge and passion for the subject which really comes across in her sessions. It was really great to be able to ask her questions and have her guide me through the process.

Our sessions also highlighted that the issue isn’t how I look, but how I feel towards myself.  I am so glad I have this knowledge and some tools to be compassionate towards myself that I can use in everyday life.


In terms of what has shifted, I have been reminded of the things I like to do which really nourish me and helps me to feel more empowered. I have been getting onto the Downs regularly for walks and even done a few yoga classes. But this time I feel like I’m not obsessively committing to doing yoga every day, or walking X miles per week, for example.

These are things I might have forced myself to do in the past, but then have fallen off the wagon pretty quickly. This time, I am doing them at ease, and when I feel okay to. This feels much healthier and more sustainable for me.

Freja, Hove


I didn’t know what to expect when I started working with Claudine, so it was a bit of a leap into the unknown! I am SO glad I went for it. By opening up conversations and asking the right questions, Claudine has helped me view and appreciate my body in a different way. The changes in my day-to-day life have been subtle (no more jumping on the scales in the morning, because who cares?!), but the shift in thinking is quite profound. I was keen to pick up some tips on how to talk about ‘bodies’ with my two young daughters, and how to ensure they don’t grow up with many of the issues my generation has, and I now have some brilliant tools and approaches from Claudine.

I no longer view my body as the enemy, or something holding me back, and through my sessions I've been able to understand why I sometimes felt like that in the first place, and reframe a lot of my thinking.

I was a little anxious that these sessions might be too ‘hard’, or lead me to dive into things I wasn’t ready too, but Claudine is a brilliant coach and empath, and her gentle nudging, as well as knowing exactly what questions to ask when, was perfect. She has a really respectful and kind approach and just ‘gets it’. And she got me swimming in the North Sea in February – testament to my brilliant body!

Sophie, Sussex

Praise for the VIP Fire & Ice Experience
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I didn’t quite know what to expect from my Fire & Ice Experience with Claudine, except perhaps that it might be exceptionally cold to be swimming in the sea in late October! I honestly wasn’t expecting any mind-blowing revelations as I’ve done a lot of work on my body connection already, but had decided to go in with an open mind. Well, Claudine is an extremely insightful coach, gently prodding me to some revelations that were actually mind-blowing to me after all. I can genuinely say that with all the work I’ve done before, I did not realise there were still such depths to go to, and would recommend Claudine and her approach to anyone with a history of not quite getting on with their body. And the open-sea swimming?! I don’t think I have ever felt that kind of liberation and happiness before. It was as though something deep inside just uncoiled and unravelled and I felt truly free. It won’t be tomorrow, but I am definitely going to become a sea swimmer one day soon. Thank you so much Claudine.

Emily Jacob, Hove

Claudine gave us such a fabulous experience.  A really lovely afternoon connecting with friends, our senses and our bodies.  And why we feel the way we do. Claudine got me to think about my body in a different way, which I think might be the beginning of a new relationship.


Really good session and well thought through.  Gave us lots of food for thought about body perception and whose opinion is really important.  Additionally, the seafront location is great.  Would absolutely recommend.    


Really helped me sort out what my views are rather than the imposed perception of the outside world.  I may not be 100% embracing my body completely...yet, but I am feeling I care a lot less about image and size and more about comfort and confidence.  I'd highly recommend Fire & Ice.  

Rachel and friends celebrating a 40th birthday

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emily fire and ice.jpg

The fire and ice experience was amazing.  It was an opportunity to relax, restore and reflect on my current beliefs about my body.  The sauna was incredible and the sea dip was exhilarating.  Having an opportunity to discuss body image with a group of like-minded beautiful women was super nova.  Thank you Claudine 

Victoria, Sussex

Praise for the Body Kind Mind Code

Claudine is a great facilitator and has an in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, as well as clearly demonstrating her passion towards changing the perception of body image. There were many light bulb moments that came from looking at things from a different perspective which have helped me to challenge her negative thoughts and to reduce the negative behaviours I can manifest towards my own body image. Plus, if you had told me in January that I would be doing open water swimming, I would never have believed you!

the course helps you see a different side to the diet culture and body image that people may not always be aware of - tricks of the trade, body shaming messages etc. For anyone who is not happy in themselves, I feel they would benefit from listening to another side of the coin.

Three words to describe the experience: 

Enlightening Empowering Emotional

Karen, Herts


Being able to make comparisons at the end for how far I had come in just 10 weeks. It was brilliant to be able to see the change in my opinions and the stories that I was telling myself.

Through this experience I was able to really feel 2 keys truths and know them to be true rather than them just be words. I know that there is nothing wrong with me and my body just the way it looks now and that I don’t need to look another way. The other is the reaction that I have spent 15 years judging my body, dieting and feeling like my body isn’t good enough despite all the things that I has achieved in that time. I will not continue to shame myself any more, there is enough of that false storytelling in the media and I won’t do it to myself any more.


Claudine helped me to see these things through this course and it feels incredibly liberating.Great value for money.  I feel much less confined by my own thoughts now, and you can't put a price on that.  

Three words to describe the experience:

Liberating, supportive, focused

Catherine, Sussex


I’d say that it’s an excellent course, and there is so much content in each module. The way the course is structured means you not only take away positive messages from what you learn, but the meditations within each session leave you feeling fabulous in the here and now. If you’re someone who is constantly on the go, it’s a perfect space for yourself.

The course has had a profound effect on me. My confidence has rocketed. There’s plenty of other stuff in my life to take up my time and energy, and my appearance is simply not a worry of mine any more.

Three words to describe the experience: 

Eye-opening, confidence-building, insightful

Denise, East Sussex


Bridge Over River
I found your masterclass really interesting and insightful. I came along with an open mind as body image isn’t a big concern for me. Your talk was so eye opening and something that I believe everyone would benefit from, regardless of what they think of themselves. Lots to digest and think about. Very inspirational and gave me a boost that I didn’t realise I needed. Thank you.