Total Body Image Transformation

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We have spent far too long wishing our bodies were different!!  It's time to stop.  
My mission is to create a world when women no longer hold themselves back from life because of how they look - or how they think they look. 

I want you to accept your body and yourself so that you can:

  ~ feel free to be friends with the mirror instead of enemies ~

 ~ wear whatever the hell you want instead of clothes that cover you up~

~ join in with activities instead of watching from the sidelines ~

 ~ flourish in your career instead of holding back ~

~ move your body in a way that brings you joy instead of for punishment or payoff ~

~ know you are good enough exactly as you are, instead of comparing yourself to other women or the old you ~ 

~ feel more than enough in your relationships: intimate and otherwise instead of questionning yourself  ~

~ have a great relationship with your body, and therefore with yourself instead of spending time and energy shaming yourself ~

I also want this for the next generation, my own children included: to be free from body shame and self-hatred which leads so many to the misery of disordered eating and low self-esteem. 


When I work with women, the ripple effect is profound. 

When I work directly with young women, the impact is immense

the gift of self worth and body acceptance is priceless

change your mind, not your body, because you are good enough exactly as you are

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 "I no longer view my body as the enemy, or something holding me back, and through my sessions I've been able to understand why I sometimes felt like that in the first place, and reframe my thinking." 

Sophie, East Sussex

      "I know now that there is nothing wrong with me and my body as it is and that I don’t need to look another way. I have spent 15 years judging my body, dieting and feeling like my body isn’t good enough despite all the things that I has achieved in that time. I will not continue to shame myself any more, there is enough of that false storytelling in the media and I won’t do it to myself any more.   Claudine helped me to see these things and          it feels incredibly liberating." 

Catherine, W Sussex

VIP experience included: 
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Total body image transformation

​Have you tried body transformations before only to find they don't work or don't last? 


How about totally transforming your body image instead?


Are you fed up with being pissed off every time you look in the mirror, (or do you avoid it altogether? Do you dread shopping for clothes or even planning what to wear for an event?  Are you sick of going out for dinner and overthinking what you can eat and when, doing the mental maths of how many courses vs how many drinks?  Have you had enough of feeling like exercise is a chore or a punishment or a payoff for your night out or emotional eating binge?

Then let me take you on a deep-diving, mindset-shifting, life-changing, long-lasting bespoke coaching programme. 

By looking deeply at your thoughts, feelings and behaviours, we will take you to a place of feeling more than good enough, knowing that your body is serving you well, enabling you to stop shaming your body, appreciate what it does for you and truly know your worth is so much more than how you look.  

After working with me, my clients have discovered the joy of cold water swimming, rollerskating, dating, enjoying food without guilt, choosing clothes that bring them joy, looking in the mirror and feeling acceptance, and believing positive affirmations without cringing!


  • Fire and Ice Immersive VIP experience to start the coaching journey and set clear intentions for your transformation (sauna, plunge pools, sea swimming, meditation)

  • Ten weeks, ten coaching sessions of 1 hour – online, in person or a combination

  • Bespoke plan or following the Body Kind Mind Code - based on your wishes, needs and intentions

  • Worksheets and journal prompts for reflection and embedding the healing change work

  • MP3 hypnotherapy tracks to embed the shift deep in the subconscious

  • Access to support in between coaching sessions

  • A gift to celebrate and remember your transformation

£1299 full price

Special investment for this month of £999 pay in full or deposit of £199 

Payment plans available

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This package has been created with love from years of experience in working to empower people to find the resources and solutions within themselves with a  transformative and life changing impact. 


"Claudine holds a really compassionate and heart-centred space, while using logic and reasoning to deconstruct negative thought patterns".

You can read more about me and my approach in the About Me page, but in a nutshell, I am qualified as a life coach, hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, More Than Enough Method (TM) facilitator, Blue Health Coach and Professional Certified Trainer.


"Long lasting profound deep healing"

I bring all of these modalities into my work and combine them with mindfulness, self compassion and my love of the sea and natural water. 

The result?  Profound deep healing change work, self worth and body acceptance which lasts a lifetime. 

"A lovely chat" 

My approach has been described as gently probing, empowering and nurturing.  Clients are often surprised that they get such profound revelations during a session - and the best compliment I have had at the end of a session was when one wonderful soul I coached said "we've not done much coaching today have we, we've just had a lovely chat".  I smiled and asked her what she now thought of the problem we'd discussed at the start of the session.  She couldn't believe the shift she'd experienced, without even noticing! 

That's the magic I bring to my work.   

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